09 Oct. 15

Winterizing Your Home Starts Here

Top 5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Now that the cold weather is fast approaching, this is the time that you want to be preparing your home for the long winter months ahead. By doing a few simple maintenance checks, you could lower your heating bill this winter and extend the life of your heating system as a result.

San Antonio Winterization Tips1. Installing Added Insulation

Now is the time to get up in that attic and add some additional insulation to the attic floor. Over the years that old insulation has compressed significantly, so adding a fresh layer on top will help to keep the cool air in the attic and keep that warmer treated air inside the home where it belongs.

2. Sealing Window Leaks

One of the biggest drains on your heating system this winter will be excessive run times to maintain interior temperatures. The problem is because with so many windows in the house, there are potentially dozens of escape routes for heat to leave the home.

Go around the house and be sure to seal with caulk all those leaking window seams. You will notice a huge drop in your heating costs this winter, and an added bonus is your system will run less often.

3. Replacing HVAC Filters

Now that you are going to start settling indoors more this season, you want to be certain you and your family are breathing the cleanest air possible. Purchase all the filters that are needed in your heating system, then replace them all before winter sets in. The heating unit will work less harder to push air through cleaner filters, and no dust or debris will be able to enter the house.

4. Inspecting Home Exterior

While the weather is still comfortable outside, grab your flashlight and ladder and begin checking the exterior for crack, holes, or damage that could allow cold air to get inside the house. Take the time to repair these problem areas while the air temperature is not yet freezing, it will be much easier on you and those materials will cure more easily.

5. HVAC System Tune-Up

The HVAC system will be running for several months, after just having gotten a break after that long summer. Today is the day you should call your local HVAC repair technician to do a tune-up on the system. This preventative maintenance check will ensure all moving parts are working through the coldest part of the year.

Winter is nearly here! To get the best advice on winterizing your San Antonio, TX home, call People’s Choice Plumbing at 210-789-6014 today.