28 Aug. 15

The 3 Most Wasteful Appliances in Your Home (and What to do About Them)

The 3 Appliances in Your House That Waste the Most Water, and Why?

People who think about preserving resources have their mind on electricity and gas. Water, however, is often at risk of waste and we have a tendency to ignore the causes.

San Antonio Plumbing  ServicesAppliance Do Waste Water

Not to surprisingly, there are appliances capable of wasting a lot of water. Even if the appliance is running only slightly “off”, the appliance may very well allow water to flow and flow.

All of these leads to the water bill in the home ending up skyrocketing. Beyond the cash costs, a lot of precious water ends up going down the drain, literally.

Three Troubling (and Troubled) Appliances

None of the appliances that are water wasters are odd or strange inventions. Rather, they are traditional, tried and true appliances that we see each and every day.

1.) Washing Machine – The washing machine is often a source of wasted water because people do not use the proper load settings. They will have a very small load inside the appliance and then engage a heavy load cycle.

This requires the washing machine to fill up with a lot of unnecessary amounts of water. Always be sure you have the right load cycle selected or the machine is simply going to soap up and throw out gallons upon gallons of water.

2.) Dishwashers – Dishwashers waste water in the same way that washing machines do. When you run a dishwasher with too small an amount of dishes, you end up using the appliance more often than really is necessary. Also, if the appliance is old and has leaky hoses, even more water is going to end up being wasted.

3.) Toilets – Without a doubt, the “running toilet” is notorious for the water it wastes. Older toilets with the classic handle/chain design causes major water waste when the chain starts to wear down and degrade.

Buying and installing a newer model toilet is strongly recommended to keep this problem from arising.

Upgrade All Appliances

In truth, homeowners would be best served by upgrading all the aged, worn, or poorly functioning appliances in the home. Not only do these appliances waste water, they waste electricity, too. For these reasons and more, get rid of the old appliances and start preserving vital resources and get your utility bill down.

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