Sewer Line Repair & Cleaning

San Antonio Sewer Line Repair & Cleaning Services

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At People’s Choice Plumbing, LLC we are here to serve all the residents of San Antonio and the surrounding communities. Our family owned and operated plumbing company has strong ties with the community and we promise to treat every job with the utmost care.

Founder Dave Wuertemburg holds a master’s plumbing license and with over 20 years of experience he is the guy to turn to when you are in need of fast and reliable services. Are you facing a sewer line issue that must be attended to right away? Not to worry Wuertemburg and his expert staff have the solutions. People’s Choice Plumbing, LLC will be out to your home right away to quickly get the situation under control. To read reviews and testimonials from other satisfied customers in your area, click here.

What are signs that your sewer line needs to be cleaned or repaired?

  • Slow drains: If water is running down your drains at an unusually slow pace or simply will not clear away at all, you are likely facing a serious clog that will need to be removed quickly. Water could start to back up from sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs if service is delayed.
  • Multiple clogs: If several drains inside your home are clogged up all at once it could indicate a serious obstruction deep within your sewer line.
  • Standing water: If water has accumulated around your sewer line this could indicate damage to the system itself.
  • Unpleasant odor: Of course an overly obvious telltale sign that your sewer line is enduring major problems is the actual smell of sewage in or around your home.
  • Peculiar sounds: Are you hearing a bubbling sound when you flush the toilet or water empties out of your drains? Pick up the phone and call the professionals at People’s Choice Plumbing, LLC right away.

What are professional methods of cleaning and repair?

A small video camera can be inserted into your sewer line to determine what is causing the issue. Best case scenario it is only a minor clog located higher up in the system and we can clean your sewer line by simply using an auger. For more intense sewer line cleaning services we can use hydrojetting technology where a powerful stream of water is shot through the system to clear out more serious blockages deep down in the line.

If your sewer line has endured minor cracks the specialists at People’s Choice Plumbing, LLC can use a durable epoxy to put a stop to any leaks or floodwater damage as the fracture grows over time. In more extreme cases where the cracks cannot be fixed with epoxy we will have to expose the line and replace the damaged section.

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