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San Antonio Pressure Release Valve Services

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Pressure Release Valve Services in San Antonio, TX

Having a functioning pressure release valve is crucial to ensure you are in control of the water pressure in your home. When the valve malfunctions in some way, it’s important to call for professional attention to keep the water pressure where you need it to be. Finding a high quality service provider to repair or replace your pressure release valve when necessary will ensure everything is always under control.

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Finding the Right Pressure

When you have a pressure release valve installed as part of your water heater, it acts as a safety device that works to relieve the amount of pressure if it happens to rise for some reason. One example is if the thermostat on your water heater is malfunctioning and the water continues to heat. As it keeps heating, it will also expand, causing a surge in pressure that could cause your tank and fixtures to suffer serious damage if a proper pressure release valve weren’t in place.

What Is an Expansion Tank?

Another safety device designed to deal with expanding hot water is called an expansion tank. As water is heated throughout the day, it expands and the tank is there to handle any overflow and keep the pressure at a reasonable level. Having an expansion tank installed will help to prevent fluctuations in the pressure that may occur throughout the day.

The Need for Professional Service

Whether you have a pressure release valve, expansion tank or both, it’s crucial to insist on professional service when work needs to be done. Installation, repairs and replacements should all be handled by experienced service providers, so you can feel safe knowing that your water heater pressure remains at a safe level, and safety precautions are in effect. If you’re like most homeowners, you want your water heater to do its job without having to concern yourself with the inner workings of the tank, or the fixtures that are designed to keep the water pressure in check.

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