20 Nov. 15

Keep Leaks From Destroying Your San Antonio Home

3 Ways to Detect a Water Leak in Your Home

A leak in the home can be absolutely devastating if left for a long period of time, as dripping or leaking water can slowly erode all sorts of areas of your San Antonio home, which usually happens behind walls and out of sight.

This can cause a huge financial crisis if you happen to have a leak in your home for too long, so it is very important that you check to make sure you do not have any leaks and if you do come to find that you have a leak, to get it fixed as soon as you possibly can to avoid further damage. Here are some effective ways that you can detect a water leak.

San Antonio, TX Leak Detection ServicesDo a Meter Test

Your water meter should remain stagnant if every faucet in the home is shut off, meaning you will be able to tell if there is a leak in the home by shutting off each and every valve and monitoring the meter. If the gauge stays in the same place, it is a great indication that there is no leak in the home and that you are alright. However, if the water meter increases, when you know for a fact that every single faucet in the home has been shut off, you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you have a leak somewhere in your piping system.

Stop and Listen

Often times when there is a leak in the home, you will be able to hear it at some point in the home. You can do a simple check by turning everything that may make noise in the home, walking around slowly and listening for any trickling sounds that may be coming from the walls, ceiling, or floor.

Get an Inspection

Although there are definitely methods that will give you a pretty good idea as to whether you have a leak or not, there is no debate about the fact that it is far better to call a professional San Antonio plumbing company to do an inspection on your home and let you know if you do in fact have a leak or not. The biggest benefit of going this route is the fact that if the company that you hire does find a leak, they will be able to fix the problem for you as well.

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