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Does Your Home Need a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)?



Homeowners call plumbers for all sorts of reasons. They call because they run out of hot water. They call because they spring a leak. They call when faucets or fixtures don’t work the way they’re supposed to.

Very few homeowners call plumbers because they’re getting too little water pressure.

In fact, most homeowners love high water pressure, especially when they get into the shower.

So why would anyone ever ask for a pressure reducing valve (PRV) to be installed?

Reasons to Consider a Pressure Regulator

There are actually a number of ways in which homeowners might benefit from PRV installation.

1) A PRV can extend the lifespan of your appliances.

Home appliances aren’t cheap. Generally speaking, you probably want to do anything in your power to prolong their lifespan, and put off replacement. And one way you can do that is through installing a pressure regulator.

Consider your dishwasher. High levels of water pressure can place a lot of strain on your dishwasher and cause it to break down prematurely.

By regulating household water pressure, though, you can minimize that strain, and keep your dishwasher working for a while to come.

2) Pressure regulators can preserve your plumbing fixtures, too.

It’s not just appliances like your dishwasher that become stressed by too much water pressure. Shower heads, faucets, and other fixtures can also undergo strain.

Nobody’s saying you have to settle for a shower head that just trickles out, but there is a happy medium you can reach: Robust water pressure that’s gentle enough on your fixtures.

3) What if your house is connected to a new water supply line?

Imagine that your city hooks you up to a new water supply line, which boosts the pressure coming into your home.

All of a sudden, your pipes, hoses, and appliances may encounter significantly higher psi than anything they’re used to. This can cause them to rupture; indeed, this is the most common cause of household water damage!

The best way to mediate water pressure and avoid this problem is through proactively installing a PRV.

4) A PRV can help you save money.

Last, and perhaps most obviously: By regulating the psi coming into your home, you can potentially decrease your monthly water bills. Even if it’s just by a few dollars, it may really add up over time.

Improved energy efficiency is one of the best reasons to consider having a pressure regulator installed.

Learn More About PRV Installation

Maybe you’ve never put much thought into the pros and cons of a pressure regulator… but the truth is, most homes benefit from having one installed.

Do you have additional questions about PRV installation? Or would you like to discuss having a pressure regulator installed for your home? Either way, we’d love to hear from you here at People’s Choice Plumbing.

We’re pleased to be a trusted provider of PRV installation. To speak with us directly, reach out at your next opportunity.