19 Apr. 21

4 Ways To Prepare For A 24 Hour Plumber Near Me Emergency Call

An off-hour plumbing problem can be very stressful and worrying to deal with. Plumbing troubles can come suddenly and do not24 hour plumber near me operate on your schedule, and looking for a plumber can be extra stressful in an emergency. The reality is that sooner or later, emergencies do happen, and though the effects are not always mild, plumbing emergencies don’t always have to be devastating. Even if they pop up in the middle of the night. 

Luckily there are options in San Antonio for a 24 hour plumber near me. No matter your issue and no matter when, an emergency plumber is ready to help. Whether dealing with sewer issues, water heater failures, or pipe problems, timing is of the essence.

When you call a 24 hour plumber, there are some ways you can help to limit the damage, hold off escalation, or better prepare for their arrival. Some measures may be more specific to certain problems, but here is a quick guide to some of the most practical steps you can take when calling an emergency plumber to your home or business. 

Shut The Water Off

With most household or business plumbing issues, the first failsafe action you should take is to turn your water off completely to prevent further water damage, flooding, or pressure. If the water problem is coming from a water fixture such as a faucet or toilet, turn off the connection to its water supply. If you do not have direct access to this or cannot tell where the source is located, turn off the water supply to the entire building or suite at your water meter. 

Be prepared by making sure all of the members of the household are aware of water valve locations for emergency shut off. 

Assess The Urgency And Severity

It is important to determine how urgent the problem is and to learn the scope and progression of the damage. Find out what is being affected and turn off the water. Some small issues may not need an immediate call to a plumber. Emergencies should not be ignored, but lesser issues may not require premium all-hours rates. 

Do Not Rush Through Your Call When Looking For A 24 Hour Plumber Near Me

Be calm when making your call. Try to slow down and be specific and thorough in your description of the problem. The more detail you can provide the better. Ask to speak to a plumber directly for the best assessment. 

Know What NOT To Do

For certain plumbing problems, it is better to not get involved. Cutting the water is almost always wise, and in leaking issues trying to mop some or collect the water however possible can be helpful in minimizing damage. This isn’t always the case. Sewage leaks and septic floods can be hazardous to clean up or even be in the presence of. 

If you smell a sewage odor you should call a 24 hour plumber near me to assess and deal with the problem. Do not try to fix this and do not delay in assessing the problem as this can be hazardous to your health. 

Once you have assessed the problem and talked to an available plumber, they can help you determine if the issue deals with mainline supply, sewer blockage, manhole problems, or other grander infrastructure problems. If one of these problems is the issue, you will need to check with the water company immediately. 

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